"That's a nice College of Education you have there Dr. Lorion..."

"...it would be such a shame if ..."

When Dr. Raymond Lorion*, Dean of Towson U's College of Education, testified last night at the BCPS school board meeting, Joe Hairston talked at some length about the close relationship between BCPS and Lorion's school. He described how BCPS hires 500-600 teachers each year and is a major employer of Towson ed school grads (perhaps the largest). He described what a privilege it is for BCPS to be part of the relationship.

As Hairston was talking, I kept thinking that he was really reminding Dr. Lorion how dependent Towson is on BCPS. Sort of the way a racketeer reminds the owner of a "protected" business.

At another point Lorion was equivocating about whether his committee was making "summary comments" or "recommendations". Dr. Hairston then made it very clear who was the boss. He interrupted and said, "I'll make the recommendations." Dr. Lorion quickly agreed.

What does this mean to BCPS parents and teachers?

Just this: We cannot view Dr. Lorion as an independent, objective third party when it comes to AIM. He and his program are too dependent on BCPS for their bread and butter.

*Strange. I couldn't find even a basic profile of Dr. Lorion on Towson's website. The closest thing is this message from the dean. A quick Google search didn't turn one up either.


  1. wow, it is crazier and crazier... how can this continue????

  2. Not only that but did you notice Dr. Lorion's reply last night to the comment about "A"s on AIM? It's even confusing to him!!!!

  3. You are very perceptive! This is how BCPS functions...In no way was this committee an objective and independent committee. Those for whom names are known serve at the pleasure of the superintendent, and in the current climate of fear, there is certainly no objectivity. All others are unknown...wonder how they were selected and by whom? Dr. Lorian's report came after only three hours of discussion (in total) It was clear through his comments he was not familiar or educated about AIM. I thought that the president of the school board's suggestion that I's be used as a default function demonstrates clearly that AIM is not helpful for communicating to parents. Think about what her suggestion means.
    Also, Dr. Lorian's reference to AIM housing the state curriculum (stated several times) is not accurate..it houses KSIs so that the owner of the copyright will not need to recognize the state. He is right that the state curriculum is what teachers should be teaching...AIM only confuses this issue. It is imperative that public officials continue to demand answers regarding the "contract" between the superintendent and his assistant. To continue to use BCPS resources to work for his assistant's business seems to be a clear conflict of interests and a terrible waste of taxpayers' money and teachers'time, at the expense of educating our children. Please do not stop demanding answers. The truth should be told and we need to hold those making decisions to benefit the personal interests of adults using taxpayers' money responsible and get back to the important business of serving our children.

  4. To Anonymous 3:08 PM: I guess you missed my earlier post: