Speed cameras: Watch out for white Jeeps on the Baltimore Beltway

From the the Sun:
Maryland's drivers should be getting the hint right about now that speeding in highway construction zones will cost them.

Almost 8,800 drivers were given $40 tickets during a six-week period that began Nov. 16, when state officials started photographing vehicles exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph or more on three stretches of highway marked as work zones.

. . .

During the new program's first six weeks, the cameras led to 3,365 citations to vehicles traveling on Interstate 95 between White Marsh Boulevard and I-895; 4,790 around the Charles Street exit of Baltimore's Beltway; and 590 on I-95 in Prince George's County.
I'm very disappointed in Dels. Steve Lafferty and Sue Aumann for supporting the speed cameras. County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz gets a thumbs down too. But kudos to Del. Bill Frank and Sen. Jim Brochin for voting "No".

More from the article:
The cameras are installed in a pair of white Jeeps that rotate among the three locations. Motorists are alerted to the possible presence of the cameras by signs that say, "Speed Photo Enforced: Work Zone."

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