Maryland sinks in business-friendliness rankings to 14th worst

Maryland dropped from 33rd to 37th in business friendliness in 2011, according to the latest rankings published by Chief Executive magazine.

Judging from these numbers and the ones below, maybe Governor O'Malley should be asking Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels for advice.

Some highlights:
  • Texas #1 (for seventh straight year)
  • Biggest gainers: Wisconsin (+17) and Indiana (+10)
And lowlights:
  • #50 was California (for seventh straight year)
  • Biggest losers: Alaska (-10) and West Virginia (-8)
Maryland and adjacent states:
#7 Virginia (-3)
#16 Delaware (-4)
#37 Maryland (-4)
#39 Pennsylvania (-7)
#42 West Virginia (-8)

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