Why you should vote to re-elect Del. Bill Frank to the Maryland General Assembly (District 42)

This is a very important election coming up. I've been active in the campaign for governor of Maryland, supporting Bob Ehrlich.

But this election isn't just about the big statewide offices. All of us need to pay attention to races at
all levels, up and down the ballot.

Below is a letter I wrote recently. This past Saturday I hand-delivered it 150 of my neighbors. If you live in District 42, please vote for Bill. If you don't live in our district, please consider writing a similar letter for
your favorite local candidate.

Dear neighbor in central Baltimore County,

When you're hiring a person, one of the very best words you can hear from their references is "respected." When people use this word, it’s a strong indicator of character, savvy and effectiveness.
I’ve known Bill Frank for eight years, and can tell you that he is widely respected in our community. He’s also widely respected in Annapolis on both sides of the aisle.

When I first heard Bill at a candidate forum in 2002, he stood out in a large group as the most poised and articulate. Later that year we knocked on doors together for the Ehrlich campaign.

I’ve also logged many hours on the sidelines with Bill. Our boys play baseball and were LTRC teammates for several years.

Here are some things I like about Bill
  • He has a clear, consistent belief system.
  • He works hard.
  • Of all the legislative updates I get (from DC, Towson and Annapolis) his are the best.
  • He treats others with respect, allies and opponents alike.
  • He's responsive to constituents.
Please join me in voting for Bill on November 2nd.

p.s. I hope you’ll also support Bob Ehrlich for governor on November 2nd.

I have volunteered many hours of my time for Bob this year because Maryland needs change and he is the right governor to make it happen.

But he will need help. Fortunately, the GOP has an especially strong slate of folks running this year.

We need state legislators with private sector experience who understand how job creation actually works. People like John Fiastro (restaurant industry), Kevin Carney (home-building) and Sue Aumann (accounting).

I’ve also been very impressed with Steve Bailey (running for State’s Attorney in Baltimore County), and Ken Holt, (running for County Executive). The more I talk to these two and see them in action, the more I like them.

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