How to close your EZPass Maryland account

I had some SNAFUs closing out my EZPass MD account recently so I thought I'd pass on what I learned as a public service. Here are four ways to cancel:

In person:
Bring your account number to one of the EZPass MD Stop-In Centers.
Ask them to close the account.
(Just be aware that the center at 6000 Pulaski Highway is not the 6000 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore City. It's way north past Havre de Grace in Perryville.*)
Call 410-888-321-6824.
Press 9 to bypass the menu and speak to a person.
Ask them to close the account.
EZPass buries the "Close My Account" link in the bowels of their website. Here's how to find it:

Go to ezpassmd.com
If you don't have an online account, set one up.
Log in.
Click the CLOSE MY ACCOUNT link
Fax your request to 410-633-6618.
That's it. Good luck!!

*Don't ask how I know this.


  1. Thanks, would have never seen it!

  2. I've been through hell trying to close my deceased Mother's Account since July 2016. It's September. If you are the executor of a loved one's estate and they have an EZ Pass Account: If you try to close your loved one's account online it will be two months before you get a letter saying your request was denied because they need a death certificate to close the account and give you a refund for the estate. Print off a Close of Account Request Form (you can find it online) YES they take photocopies of Death Certificates (no one will tell you that on the form they send and you will wait twenty minutes on hold just to find that out), you can mail it or fax it. A letter, a close account request form, a photocopy of the D.C. and you can mail or fax it and ask them to send a check c/o the estate account. Leaving this here for anyone deep in grief who has to figure this out on their own, (like me).

  3. Thanks! The "Close My Account" link is on the right under Account Status, btw, or just do a search once on that page. Poor Anonymous with his mother's account; I can't believe they put him or her through all that! Maybe in that case just go online and say they moved. To heaven!