A skeptic's view of curriculum alignment

From SaveSeattleSchools:
the question you should be asking [about curriculum alignment] is this one:

"We've tried this before without success. How will it be different this time?"

There are four necessary supports for curricular alignment which [might NOT be] in place. The people who are responsible for curricular alignment do not have control over these elements, so they can't make them happen.
The "four supports" seem to be:
  1. Resources for intervening with lagging (below grade level) students
  2. Assurance that teachers know what they are supposed to be teaching (depends on effective professional development)
  3. Identification of teachers who choose not to teach the curriculum (and getting them on board)
  4. Assurance that college-prep classes will be available at all schools
There's an analogy in automotive wheel alignments. These don't do a car owner much good if there's no gas in the tank and no air in the tires.

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