"The media's biggest nightmare..."

"...one victim group voting against another victim group."
Blair Lee on the Kendel and Bob show this morning, talking about the passage of Proposition 8 in California. In a close vote, African-American Obama supporters were the difference as California voted against gay marriage.
UPDATE: Another black-gay connection: the Bradley effect seems to have disappeared, but the gay community has discovered its cousin, the homo effect.

(h/t Mickey Kaus)

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan to Proposition 8 supporters like Melissa Etheridge: "Chill."

My take:

The only responsible way to go about changing an institution like marriage -- an institution that is so fundamental to our culture, so fundamental to human nature even -- is slowly.
The responsible way is to try it at the state level and see if there are any unexpected negative consequences.

Big props to Andrew for his advice to die-hard Prop 8 supporters this week. He has been admirably consistent with the conservative principles that he lays out so well in his book The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get it Back.
I recommend it without reservation, especially to Progressives, so many of whom are so ignorant about what intelligent conservatives really think.

UPDATE: Dan Savage is 100% wrong to assume that votes against Prop 8 (whether by blacks or whites) are fueled by homophobia. Just as it is 100% wrong to assume that votes against Obama are fueled by racism.

Thomas Sowell weighs in. As usual, he gets to the nub of the issue and writes more clearly than everyone else.

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