Dezmon & Hairston play race card on AG, state legislators and 2,000 BCPS parents and teachers

In an effort to avoid cooperating with an ethics probe about AIM, former BCPS staffer Dr. Barbara Dezmon didn't play just any race card, she played the nuclear bomb of race cards, the "it's-like-a-lynching" race card. She made this allegation with no explanation.

A few days later, Superintendent Dr. Joe Hairston backed her up. He didn't use the nuclear/lynching option. But he played the race card too, and was just as vague about the details.

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Women in Congress: Republicans displace Democrats in a big way

David Freddoso in the Washington Examiner (via Glenn):

the female GOP caucus will grow by more than 40 percent in the House . . .

The 111th House included:

  • 60 Democratic women. Ten lost on Tuesday (assuming that the margin holds in IL-8), one lost her primary, and one retired. Four new Democratic women were elected to the House on Tuesday, for a NET LOSS OF 8.
  • 17 Republican women. Two of them retired, with one going on to run for (and win) Oklahoma's governorship. Nine new Republican women were elected, for a NET GAIN OF 7, (assuming the margin holds in in NY-25).

In the Senate, Democrats lost one woman (Blanche Lincoln) and Republicans gained one (Kelly Ayotte) -- again, assuming that Murkowski wins.


Maryland rated 7th worst state for business

According to Business Insider (based on data from the Tax Foundation), here's how Maryland compares:
Corporate tax rank: 37

Individual Income Tax Rank: 2

Sales tax rank: 40

Unemployment Insurance Tax Rank: 4

Property tax rank: 11

Christopher Hitchens's memoir

Two short chapters into Hitch-22, I like it a lot.

In so many biographies and memoirs, the early parts about parents are dull and shallow. In this book, they are entertaining and deep.


Male-bashing in Maryland: District 42 Dem delegate candidates stoop low for votes

Long after they have disappeared from the political scene, I am going to remember local Democratic candidates Lori Albin, Oz Bengur and Steve Lafferty for this picture:

The picture comes from an attack mailer sent on their behalf* a week or so ago to female voters in District 42.

Here's the photo on the other side:

The pictures say everything; the words that came with them are pretty much irrelevant.

If you're a man looking at these pictures, do you think Lori Albin, Oz Bengur or Steve Lafferty will look out for your interests?

A word to the wise for anyone running for public office: Your attack ads may be floating around the internet for a looooooooooong time.

*by authority of the "Maryland House Democratic Committee, Victor Sulin, Treasurer."