Male-bashing in Maryland: District 42 Dem delegate candidates stoop low for votes

Long after they have disappeared from the political scene, I am going to remember local Democratic candidates Lori Albin, Oz Bengur and Steve Lafferty for this picture:

The picture comes from an attack mailer sent on their behalf* a week or so ago to female voters in District 42.

Here's the photo on the other side:

The pictures say everything; the words that came with them are pretty much irrelevant.

If you're a man looking at these pictures, do you think Lori Albin, Oz Bengur or Steve Lafferty will look out for your interests?

A word to the wise for anyone running for public office: Your attack ads may be floating around the internet for a looooooooooong time.

*by authority of the "Maryland House Democratic Committee, Victor Sulin, Treasurer."

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