Even Tom Friedman knows it

"Good jobs...don't come from government."


  1. Do you know anything about Tom Friedman? He's free market everything. He also likes killing Arabs. If you actually read him, instead of what people say about him, you'd actually probably like the douche bag.

  2. I listened to all of The World is Flat, and parts of Hot Flat & Crowded. He's a very good analyst in many ways and I actually like much of what he writes, especially his early stuff on the Mid-East. I also share his distaste for superficial articles on "easy" ways of "going green."

    That said, there are some negatives: (1) his success seems to have gone to his head and he appears to take himself a tad too seriously, (2) he seems to be the quintessential outsider/analyst personality who has many good ideas but also some ridiculous ones because he seems to have neither experience in nor an innate sense of leadership, management or politics (3) his 11,000+ sq. ft. mansion juxtaposed against his green rhetoric strikes me as hypocritical, and (4) he seems too worshipful of China and believes too much in the wisdom of elites everywhere.

    He doesn't seem to buy in sufficiently to Hayek's "knowledge problem" concept to be classified as a true free-marketeer.

    For example, he has wished aloud many times that the US could be a dictatorship for a short time so that elites could push lots of "smart" ideas on the citizenry without being slowed down or thwarted by free markets and other democratic institutions.