Please read David Goldhill's article on healthcare in the September issue of The Atlantic

I stopped in at Dutch Ruppersberger's Timonium office last week and dropped off a copy of Mr. Goldhill's article. The title is How American Health Care Killed My Father.

I attached a note to Dutch that said (roughly):
Dear Dutch -- This article is one of the best pieces of analysis and explanation that I have read on any topic, ever. Please read it. I hope you will incorporate parts of it in your thinking and in your public statements on health care. After you read it, I'd like to discuss it with you. Please call me on my cell at 410-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you.
To everyone else out there, please read the article and send a copy of it to your Congressman.

By the way, Dutch has scheduled a town hall conference call for September 21st at 7:30 PM. Details such as the call-in number and passcode are TBD.

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