Marijuana: Drug-bust of choice for lazy, self-promoting, risk-averse cops

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers lays it out:
from a law enforcement perspective, it's easy. [Marijuana users] are far less likely than other drug users to carry a weapon or get violent with an officer . . . Busting college kids for holding weed and taking down grow houses is a terrific way [for police] to keep [their arrest] numbers up . . . . . . [and] because its so widely used, especially among the young, no amount of crack downs is going to get rid of weed in our society. So it's a well that never goes dry. And it's a win-win on the PR end: every marijuana bust can be used as both evidence of a problem, and evidence that law enforcement is confronting that problem. Perfect.
This way of looking at it just gives more support to those of us who think that the War on Drugs is a complete failure.

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