Sen. Cardin proposes bailout for newspapers

"With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, [Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)] on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks."


Edible landscaping

From KnoxNews.com via Glenn:
Ornamental kale and cabbages have long been a mainstay for adding winter interest to flower beds ...

Okra, for example, has lovely pale yellow flowers with a dark purple center and makes a great border. Like many vegetables, eggplants and squash begin with pretty blossoms.

"We didn't see any real use for grass or holly bushes when we can have blueberries, and wild plums and cherries and herbs, like oregano and thyme, rosemary, sage and savory," Epperson explained. ... Out of Eden will sell ready-to-go containers filled with a variety of gourmet lettuce and easy-to-assemble planters for raised beds.

Another idea for a container is to plant it with nasturtiums, lettuce, curly parsley, oregano and chives for salads. Or put a tomato plant in the center with salsa plants like peppers, cilantro or onions at the base. Also, try marigolds as a companion plant to keep pests away naturally, she said.

Slate lists 20 worst Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

Maryland has two of the twenty. I live in one and next to another.

This is a big problem, but I've never heard either Dutch Ruppersberger or John Sarbanes mention it. They certainly don't highlight it on their websites.

[UPDATE: Well, at least California is starting to fix things even if we aren't doing much here in Maryland.]